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Farm2Door Ghana Limited is a dully registered limited liability company headquartered in Kumasi Ghana. As an Agro-Innovative Game Changer, Farm2Door Ghana’s mission is to make agriculture lucrative, fun & less stressful in Africa. The Company makes this possible through the design, development and implementation of Agriculture projects that bring to bare latest agro-innovative technologies to improve the total well being of farmers, consumers and the environment.


This Project is designed to reach out to busy corporate workers who are finding it difficult to engage in any form of agriculture for economic gains due to their tight busy schedule. It also roles in starters with small capital. The project covers both animal farming and crops cultivation.


This is a profit sharing farming scheme design to provide opportunity to farmers who lack resources for farming. In this model, Farm2Door provides the seed, land, irrigation system and the organic fertilizer required whiles the partner farmer comes on board with the labour input


This project is a typical outgrowers scheme aimed at mass producing sunflower seed. The entire project seeks to cash in on three outputs; sunflower oil, de-oiled cake (feed) and organic honey. Farmers will be given bee hives which can generate them money.

You can be a profitable farmer at your convenience with us

  • Our Vision

    Our big idea is to make agriculture lucrative, fun & less stressful in Africa.

  • Our Mission

    To enrich our customer & partners through the application of technology and modern innovations to reduce the stress and cost in agriculture in Africa.

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    Growth mindset
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